Güler Aras

With our limited resources in the world, the necessity of meeting the diversifying needs of the current population and the need to use and share these resources in a balanced way by thinking of future generations is one of the problems that today’s world needs to deal with and produce solutions. Focusing only on economic interests is no longer sufficient for institutions to survive. The need to manage economic, social and environmental factors in an integrity and balance further complicates the situation. More importantly, it is no longer sufficient for businesses to focus only on the goals for their shareholders, but it becomes necessary to create a structure and understanding that will appeal to all stakeholders. It is inevitable for businesses that want to continue their existence to manage their relations with their stakeholders correctly and to meet their expectations.

On the other hand, the business world is increasingly feeling the pressure of rapid developments in external factors. On the one hand, it is in an effort to adapt to the speed of change in science and technology, and on the other hand, to cope with the global financial crises. Intense competition, pressures and instabilities brought about by global developments not only change the way of doing business, but also necessitate access to new resources, different management models and longer-term policies. This development process is increasing the difficulties of the business world. In this period; able to create value, stay up-to-date, make a difference, see the future, manage risks, evaluate opportunities, manage the change brought about by all these, have high adaptability; Businesses that have strategic long-term goals and can manage their relations with their stakeholders well will be sustainable.

In this context, we see that the problems encountered and their solutions are multidimensional. Achieving sustainable performance with access to appropriate resources and good management practices will be the main goal of all businesses. In this framework, the Center for Finance, Corporate Governance and Sustainability (CFGS) aims to be a solution center that creates added value for all stakeholders in the fields of finance, corporate governance and sustainability in line with these basic objectives of enterprises. The Center aims to be the main application place for research and application projects that can offer solutions related to finance, corporate governance and sustainability with the cooperation of academia and the business world and to be produced for this purpose. The Center, which will also serve as a bridge between the academy and the business world, aims to apply our academic knowledge and experience and to meet the expectations from the business world.


Our aim is to be a solution center to be consulted in its field and to create value for all stakeholders. We want to achieve this goal together with you, our esteemed stakeholders. I invite you to think, produce and create value together with us in order to identify problems, find solutions together, share the development and the value we will create.

Prof. Güler ARAS
Founding Director