Through our Value Creation Model, we transform our five basic strategic priorities: Leading Change and Transformation, Collaborating with our Stakeholders while carrying out our main activities with a Responsible Management approach, ensuring the continuity of our Strong Team structure, and revising our ways of doing business with the focus of Technology & Digital Transformation.

While the inputs of our Value Creation Model are our six core value creation capitals, our integrated solutions provide solutions to the expectations of our stakeholders and contribute to the transformation of the difficulties encountered into value as a result of the blending of our capitals in the axis of our ways of conducting business constitute the outputs of our Value Creation Model. As a result of our integrated solutions, which are the outputs of our Value Creation Model, we increase the awareness of the society on the importance of sustainable development and the value creation efficiency, while expanding our sphere of influence with our domestic and international integrated solution collaborations in line with our 17th Sustainable Development Goal focus, and that the value we create as a result of our collaborations contributes to the sustainable development of the environment and society.

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