Misyon & Vizyon


To be a center that conducts pioneering research in the fields of finance, corporate governance, and sustainability, and which is recognized as a reference center at the national and international level.
Değişim ve Dönüşüme Öncülük


To make a difference as an institution that offers created value for all stakeholders in the fields of finance, corporate governance, and sustainability, and tackles the complicated problems with a solution-oriented approach, acting creatively and proactively.

Our Values

We aim to lead change and transformation through creating value for institutions, the economy, and society on national and international platforms through our research activities, publications, and activities that focus on finance, corporate governance, sustainability, and integrated thinking in academia, the business world, and the public sector.
While fulfilling our mission to create sustainable value for future generations and society, we take all our steps within the framework of our transparent, responsible, fair, and accountable principles that constitute our responsible management understanding. We are stronger with our team that supports our responsible management approach and has an integrity of attitudes and values.
In line with our pioneering role in the transformation that we have undertaken to cope with the global risks that threaten our future and to build a sustainable future, we endeavor to produce environmentally and socially sensitive solutions that will respond to the challenges of sustainable development.
As a research center, we are aware that individual, institutional and national efforts are not sufficient to achieve Sustainable Development Goals, we take the role of a bridge between academia, the business world, public, NGOs, and society, and we attach importance to strong, sincere and sustainable cooperation with our stakeholders in all our activities and we create value together with our stakeholders.