Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi - CFGS
Purpose of the Training Program
The developments in recent years along with the inadequacy of current reporting practices in communication between institutions and stakeholders have brought along the need for an integrated reporting system based on integrated thinking. The impact of integrated reporting, which enables organizations to evaluate the opportunities that will arise while managing their risks, and to convey the created value with a concise, strategic perspective, is increasing day by day on the formation of a sustainable system.

One of the most important topics that come to the forefront in the results of the international research conducted with the cooperation of our Center, ACCA and KPMG Turkey and ERTA is the lack of information institutions have on integrated reporting and value creation. The research is the first in Turkey to focus on the perceptions and expectations of stakeholders on Integrated Reporting.

In this direction, as CFGS, we aim to contribute to the value creation journey of institutions by increasing the awareness and level of knowledge of integrated reporting and value creation with the Integrated Reporting Awareness Trainings we organize periodically in cooperation with the Integrated Reporting Association Turkey (ERTA).


You can contact us to get detailed information about the training and to participate.