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Our Strategic Priorities

In line with our five strategic priorities, we aim to create sustainable value for all our stakeholders.Details »
Değer Yaratma Modelimiz

Our Value Creation Model

We built our model to contribute to the 17th Sustainable Development Goals, Partnerships for Purposes.Details »

Our Integrated Reports

We share the story of our sustainable value creation journey with our stakeholders through our integrated reports.Details »
SDG Student Hub

SDG Student Hub

We provide support to the projects carried out by YTU SDG Student Hub, which was established under the mentorship of our Center.Details »

Contributing to the Construction of a Sustainable Future

In line with our mission of creating value for future generations and society, our most important motivation in all our activities is “contributing to the construction of a sustainable future” since the day we were established as the center.

Güler Aras
Prof. Güler Aras

Collaboration with Our Stakeholders

“Cooperation with our stakeholders” is among our most important strategic priorities in order to increase the widespread impact and added value of our projects and activities that we carry out, we aim to put academic knowledge and experience into practice by acting as a bridge between the academia and the business world, the public sector and NGOs.

Güler Aras
Prof. Güler Aras

Leading the Change and Transformation

In line with our strategic priority of “leading the change and transformation”, by carrying out research activities, publications and events focusing on finance, public finance, corporate governance, sustainability and integrated thinking we aim to produce results that will create added value for institutions, economies and societies in national and international platforms, bringing this value into practice.

Güler Aras
Prof. Güler Aras

Current Newspaper and Blog Articles

Our Priorities

Our value creation

We review and re-evaluate our "strategic priorities", which form the framework for carrying our sustainability performance forward and for the effective execution of all the activities we have already carried out and the decisions we will take in the coming period, with the active participation of our stakeholders at certain periods.

With the participation of our stakeholders, we aim to create sustainable value for all our stakeholders in line with our five strategic priorities: ‘Pioneering Change and Transformation’, ‘Collaboration with Our Stakeholders’, ‘Responsible Management’, ‘Strong Team’ and ‘Technology & Digital Transformation’.

Değişim ve Dönüşüme Öncülük

Pioneering Change and Transformation


Responsible Management

SDG 17

Collaboration with Our Stakeholders


Strong Team

Teknoloji & Dijital Dönüşüm

Technology & Digital Transformation

Our Awareness Activities

With our awareness activities, we lead the change and transformation needed in the field of sustainability.

We aim to lead the needed change and transformation with our activities aimed at raising awareness on integrated thinking and sustainability (environmental, social and corporate governance). In addition, we work to create value with our collaborations by providing training, experience sharing and technical support at events organized by our stakeholders to increase awareness of sustainability.


Our Current Events

Our Trainings

We contribute to the development of the business world and other stakeholders with our trainings.

Corporate Sustainability Training

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Integrated Reporting Training

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